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Ab Rocket Twister Ratings: A Guide to the Reviews

August 20, 2011
the cool red ab rocket twister!

Ab Rocket Twister: Find the Ratings!

The Ab Rocket Twister abdominal exercise machine has become very popular in recent months. That’s mainly because the company that sells/markets it runs the product infomercial dozens of times a day all over North America, especially in the United States and Canada. I figured I’d create a little guide to useful information, like reviews, for this hot fitness product. I was doing research anyway because I’m thinking about buy one for myself in the near future.

First of all, let’s talk about Ab Rocket Twister prices. The consensus seems to be that, if you do buy one, you should buy it on Amazon and not directly from the company (e.g. through the website or the phone number). Amazon apparently has the best prices with the added benefit of free shipping through their Super Saver shipping promotion. If you go through Amazon expect to pay about $150 right now. I’m sure that price will drop if you wait a few months till the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.

It’s terms of user reviews for the Ab “Twist” it’s a mixed bad. Some are positive, but many are negative. Apparently the thing is kind of cheaply made. But some reviews say it’s just light but strong, and easy to move and store. One thing that seems clear is that it doesn’t really give you a massage like the commercials say. The back pads/rollers are pretty hard according to several customers. Also, the seat is small and can be uncomfortable. Finally, if you’re very big and/or heavy many reviewers say it’s not a good product for you. So if you’re really fat or just very big-boned this probably isn’t the solution for burning belly fat and getting those six pack abs we all want.

Overall the online Ab Rocket Twister ratings I’ve seen are so so. Currently Amazon has it at 3 stars out of 5 with several highly negative reviews. In fact, come to think of it, I might just hold off and get a Proform Ab Glider or Ab Circle Pro, which are about the same price… or maybe save up my money and get an Abcore machine!

Do you have reviews, testimonials, or opinions about the new Ab Rocket Twister machine? Please leave them below!


Any VPX Meltdown Reviews?

January 3, 2010

vpx meltdownAnyone who spends any time in a professional gym or reading fitness and bodybuilding magazines has probably heard of VPX Meltdown. It’s become a very popular supplement in the past year due to its purported fat-burning and mood-boosting effects. It’s a pretty interesting product that contains stuff not found in many other weight loss supplements. It’s also one of the few natural weight loss supplements that really focuses on boosting/improving your mood while it’s also boosting energy levels and speeding up fat burning. I would love to know if VPX Meltdown really works so please leave your reviews and opinions in the “comments” area at the bottom of this post.

Most of the reviews I’ve read online and heard in the gym mention that Meltdown is without a doubt a powerful energy booster. In fact some people report that it’s almost too strong, especially for people who don’t regularly take energy supplements, drink coffee, or otherwise use lots of caffeine. People also say that you should “cycle” your intake (off weeks/on weeks) and definitely only use it only if you’re doing a lot of exercise. If not you may have problems sleeping.

There are a few good Meltdown reviews online but many of the ones I’ve found on the bodybuilding and fitness forms sound overly promotional. That always makes me think that they’re fake or at least very biased. If you’ve used any of the VPX fat loss products and want to leave a “real” unbiased review or opinion I’d love for you to share it below. Thanks very much!